Dr. Andy Khawaja on the cover of Worlds Leaders

AIDP’s Andy Khawaja Earns World’s Leaders Cover as a True Philanthropist

Dr. Andy Khawaja on the cover of Worlds Leaders
Dr. Andy Khawaja Featured on World’s Leaders cover as a “True Philanthropist” for his work with Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform, a technology start-up creating AI technology for a safer, more comfortable future, and its Founder Andy Khawaja were recently recognized on the cover of World’s Leaders magazine for achievements in philanthropy and technology.

“World’s 10 Most Successful Business Leaders Making a Difference”

This issue of World’s Leaders recognized the “World’s 10 Most Successful Business Leaders Making a Difference,” and Dr. Andy Khawaja proudly accepted the award, offering an in-depth interview on his achievements, challenges, and successes.

World’s Leaders explored the direction and innovation of Andy Khawaja’s newest project, Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform.

“At Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform, the team is implementing technology that will really make a difference around the world. Dr. Khawaja wants to improve the quality of life for future generations. He wants to bring peace to the entire world,” said the magazine.

World’s Leaders sought to explore what makes Andy Khawaja such a successful leader and what the secrets are to all that he has managed to achieve.

Dr. Khawaja said, “You have to have passion for what you do and believe in what you do. Others will see that, and if they share the same passion, you can accomplish your goals.”

He added, “The difference we can make on this earth while we are here is all we can leave behind…For this reason, I give all that I can give and do all that I can do. I will always be relentless about reaching my goals so that I can continue to change the world for the better.”

Andy Khawaja and Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform graciously accepted this recognition and are eager to show World’s Leaders and the world – as a whole – the products they are creating to change the world.

About Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform:
Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform is creating new AI technology for compatible systems and machines to build a safer, more sustainable future for mankind. Please visit http://www.ai-dp.com/ for more information.


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